Welding Fabrication  

A.S.M.E. pressure vessel, D.O.T. cargo tank repairs and more

WCMS implementation of the rigorous quality control standards required by the ASME, NATIONAL BOARD and the DOT and the addition of the below mentioned services is just one way WCMS is striving to serve our customers better. We are located in Sandersville, GA but we have the capability to serve you nationwide and internationally. 

D.O.T. Cargo Tank Repairs and HAZMAT Inspections - We have received a registration number from the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) for the repair and inspection of cargo tanks and their trailers. We perform repairs to D.O.T. tanks from the tank, to the outer shell, to sub frame repair or replacement. We also repair valves, piping as well as testing safety valves and vacuum relief valves. We perform all HAZMAT inspections.