WCMS has a crane or hydrolift to fit most any of your needs. We also provide 24-hour emergency crane and hydrolift service. The National Association of Service Consultants certifies all our cranes, hydrolifts and operators. WCMS personnel are MSHA trained and can work in all areas of the mining industry. 
Our Crane and hydrolift's Include:

10 Ton 55 Foot Tip Height

11 Ton 65 Foot Tip Height

12 Ton 65 Foot Tip Height

15 Ton 65 Foot Tip Height

1 Man and 2 Man Certified Baskets

18 Ton Grove Rough Terrain - 36,000 Pound Capacity

Live Boom 65 Foot - Total Tip Height 85 Feet

27.5 Ton Pioneer Truck Crane - 55,000 Pound Capacity

Live Boom 94 Foot - Total Tip Height 148 Feet

65 Ton P-H Crane Truck Crane - 130,000 Pound Capacity

Live Boom 126 Foot - Total Tip Height 197 Feet